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Overview of a photovoltaic project by Impulse Sàrl.

Welcome to impulse 

Welcome to impulse Sàrl, your trusted partner in Fribourg for all renewable energy solutions. As passionate electrical engineers, we specialize in transforming your space into an oasis of energy efficiency. Our expertise as electrical engineers allows us to design tailor-made solutions for every project and ensure perfect integration of renewable energies. Fribourg, with its commitment to a sustainable future, is the ideal place to embrace these innovations. At impulse Sàrl, we take pride in contributing to this green future. Every project we undertake is a step towards a greener and more sustainable future for Fribourg. Share your vision with us, and together we’ll make Fribourg a frontrunner in the field of renewable energy.

Our Values


Anticipation of future electrical trends


Solving electrical challenges with precision


Management of cutting-edge installation projects


Honest and transparent approach to every project


Combining expertise for comprehensive solutions


Audits for optimal energy consumption


Integration of the latest renewable energies


Design of unique electrical schematics and plans


Transparent, precise, and competitive quotes

Our Goal

To reshape the energy landscape, with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Our endeavor is to guide our clients to optimal electrical solutions that combine performance and savings, while actively contributing to the creation of a more environmentally-friendly future.

 Inspection of a photovoltaic installation by Impulse Sàrl.
Inspection of a photovoltaic installation by Impulse Sàrl.
30kW photovoltaic project realized by Impulse Sàrl.
30kW photovoltaic project realized by Impulse Sàrl.

Our Vision

Having a vision of a future model where electricity merges with responsibility and innovation. We aspire to be pioneers of an energy-efficient world, where every electrical solution is a step towards a more harmonious and sustainable environment.

Sustainable planning is at the heart of our efforts and guarantees innovative electrical engineering that is environmentally friendly.

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We go the extra mile for you. Benefit from a free initial assessment and a first consultation, with no obligation. This is our way of showing you our expertise and commitment. Take the first step towards an optimal electrical solution with us. We believe that every project deserves special attention, and we are ready to support you in your endeavor from the very beginning.

026 481 69 99


026 481 69 99


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